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It's been almost two weeks and here I am.. so last Sunday we my hubby and I decided to go out on a date with my brother and his girlfriend. our date was to an amusement park! Everything was fun because we were going to get on a ride that is kinda new and we personally had not got on it. We  were super excited we waited more than an hour to get to this ride that obviously doesn't even take 5 minutes and BOOM you are out lol... Anyways I went from an Amusement park to the ER!! during this ride and bumped the back of my head when the cart turned around.. It was horrible..

I began with a headache and I just ignored it :(.. I know I did wrong I should of gone ASAP!!! well I waited to go till the third day and that was because I had really strong headaches and feeling dizzy. It was really strange because I rarely have headaches. So I went to the ER and the DR told me I was lucky I didn't knocked out in the ride. That thanks to the BUN I was wearing it saved me lol..."Thank…

This weekend of good-bye

This Saturday was the last day for my mother in law to stay here with her family. It was time to leave to El Salvador where my husbands' family is from. It was really sad for them to see her go. After staying for almost three months the biggest joy was that she got to spend time with her family and mostly spend time with all the grand children including meeting our little one. It was so nice to see she was super excited to meet our lil one for the first time. He is the only little boy in between of 4 little girls. So he is literally the only boy lol... It was super cute..  We spend so much time together catching up and just talking it was nice to talk to her in person more than chat. We all get to talk and share thoughts and ideas..

This is my little munchkin. It was funny a random guy just saw us and started yelling "DODGERS" lol I had not notice my son and I were wearing our Dodger sweaters lol... Daddy is the only one that doesn't really go for them so that is w…

Its Summer!!!

Hello and Good morning hunnys... How is everyone's summer coming along? Well let me tell you about my experience as a first time walker baby mom. Last year this time my son was 4 months...all he did was sleep, eat, and poop literally!! Now almost 16 months you could only imagine. Up and down, walking, running, pointing, crying, eating, pooping, wanting things, tantrums, and much more. But even like that I couldn't imagine my life without him! He is such a wonderful little person that stole my heart since day 1. Anyhow I haven't updated this blog in a while. and I have no excuse its just that my baby needs me more than ever and this is why I have decided to also blog about my adventures with my little family. Mostly for when he grows up I can share these with him <3...

This past week this is what I have been doing...besides cooking and cleaning and doing some errands. Lately it has become walks to the park and having mini pool activities with my son and husband. While he…

Now Follow Me :)

Where Have I been?

Where Have You been at? Well nice question to ask :-)...
Hello Triguenistas and welcome once again to my blog! I want to take a second and Thank all of my visitors and people that have commented on my blog! THANKS A BUNCH!

Well I been up and down now that I am in vacations! I love to take some time off from school and work and just be with my little family!  I really want to present my family to you, but that will come soon! I also want to start Vlogging! Its just kind of hard because I am a really shy person and sometimes is hard to take criticisms that I am not used to.  Well where Have I been you may ask? I been mostly going to Long Beach all this time because my mother in law is in town now :)..We are glad she has met our little bundle of joy which he is 15 months already! Unbelievable how time sure flies. I also want to be blogging more often during this time that I am off from work. Sure every time my lil munchkin lets me.

I have so many ideas that I want to do and create for …